To continue with the theme of the last post (posts about posts I want to make), I’m thinking that there is another set of posts I would like to be working on as well, on philosophical topics. I don’t have a sweeping plan for this, just some rough ideas. Since this is a blog, I’m thinking about how to do this in a way that is relatively concise but that doesn’t sacrifice clarity and depth. It might take a little work to strike the balance. This is work that I love and I would like to figure out how to share it.

Philosophical work is textual, so what I might end up doing is just pick out a short excerpt from a philosophical text and proceed to talk through what interests me about it. The post will open with a citation for the excerpt in case anyone feels the urge to read it for themselves. Since I really hope some people will read that material, I’ll try to limit each such excerpt to no more than a few pages.

Since I don’t update often and have several sets of posts that I want to work through, I expect this will all develop slowly. I’m curious to see how this might work out.