A Series of Forthcoming Posts [Religious Types]

14 04 2012

I have been reading and thinking through a few disparate topics and have found in them a degree of unity that warrants some discussion. I don’t know exactly how many posts this discussion will take but it is clear to me that it will take more than one. The beating heart of the discussion revolves around Jungian psychological types, particularly the latter-day expressions like the MBTI. Because these topics are disparate, I want to make clear their thematic unity from the beginning. The posts will all share a bracket identifier as is my habit, with a numerical identifier: [Religious Types #].

While it falls under the rubric of my concern for religious communities, it will leapfrog from topic to topic. It is important to understand that I don’t mean to imply thereby that I am synthesizing those topics together. Rather, I am simply using each as a springboard into a discussion of the next.

I imagine these may make for a strange looking series, but so be it.

[Next Post in the Series]




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