Things to Come

9 12 2010

I have been thinking carefully about what I want to do next with this little corner of the internet and have a working plan.  It looks like this:

(1) Roll out two new blogs, one devoted to history of religion type work and the other devoted to thinking through the rudiments of a world historical theology. (Update: Pantheologia is up and running now; so too is Spirited Culture.)

(2) Retain this blog site for sort of ‘letters to the editor’ sorts of posts.

While divided into three blogs, my aim is fundamentally the same with each of them, to follow the traces of spirit in the world in such a way that both are illuminated.

I don’t foresee a dramatic upswing in my internet presence.  My goals are quite demanding enough without setting sweeping time constraints on them.  If I post twice a year, so be it, as long as I am happy with whatever two things I’m posting.  I’ll interlink all blogs once the other two are ready to go.




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