Fanon and Us

10 03 2009

[Edited and reposted 2/9/2011 to strip away chatter and foreground the quote itself]

This is a quote from Franz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth.  While I am taking it out of the rich context, I do so because it has bearing on the relationship between religious communities outside a region that honor their ‘traditional’ religions and the societies that gave birth to them:

In the same way the stylization of the human face, which according to sociologists is typical of clearly defined regions, becomes suddenly completely relative….On the whole such changes are condemned in the name of a rigid code of artistic style and of a cultural life which grows up at the heart of the colonial system.  The colonialist specialists do not recognize these new forms and rush to the help of indigenous society.  It is the colonialists who become the defenders of the native style.




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